Wellstar Beacon Labs (WBL) is looking for specialty domain heads and trainees having a technical background and work in a similar domain that is in having a minimum of 5-10 years’ experience {for graduate trainees (1-2 years of experience)} in “Energy Management” core and business development with delivered results in:

ASSET MANAGEMENT of energy projects (Solar rooftop, BIPV, stand-alone, grid-connected, industrial energy plants, and sustainable technologies projects). Design review, Reliability Assessments, construction inspection & management, equipment inspection and quality assurance, Third-Party Verification, Performance Optimization, Post project performance evaluation;

ASSET ANALYTICS Technology-based, Data-Driven Services for improvement of Availability and Reliability, Software & Technology Inspection Check;

ENERGY MANAGEMENT and MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION of energy projects in industrial, commercial, institutional customers;

LAB SERVICES through testing and assessment of wellness, sustainability, and energy efficiency parameters;

COMPUTER SIMULATIONS of Built Environment, HVAC Equipment, Thermo-fluid Analysis, CFD.

TRAINING & OUTSOURCING through Training and Personnel Certification, Outsourcing and Technical Staffing Solutions;

Qualified candidates send in your resumes/CV. Only short listed candidates would be contacted