Service Verticals


i. Inspections & Audits

Energy Sub-Metering, Electrical & Thermal Measurements, Survey & Collection of Plant Data, Achieving performance efficiency and cost savings through optimization of Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Asset optimization through energy efficiency measurements, testing, adjusting and balancing of environmental systems, Condition Based Monitoring (IR Thermography, Ultrasonic Leak Detections & Vibration Analysis); Relay Coordination & Relay Testing; Implementation & Report Making;

ii. Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification (M&V) of ECMs, Reference data collection, Establishment of baseline data, M&V plan development, Conducting post-retrofit M&V, Monitoring and adjustment of energy savings, Statistical Regression Analysis, Issuing of M&V reports, Monitoring & reporting of long-term energy savings, Implementation of Energy Saving Schemes on a Guaranteed Saving Basis, ESCO Model, Conservation & Demand Management, Performance Guarantee, Verification & Dispute Resolution;

iii. Monitoring & Reporting

Automation of Building Energy & Environment Monitoring, BAS Fault Detection, Remote Diagnostics services, Cloud-based Energy & Environment Monitoring, Metering and Monitoring Devices, Integration with Communication & Network Technologies, Circuit Level Monitoring;

iv. Intelligence & Analytics

Data Analytics Platform, SaaS analytics, Energy Analytics & Evaluation, Knowledge Based Operations, Data Driven Maintenance, Centralized Help-desk & Work Order Management, Technical Support for Field Visit Avoidance, Proactive Alarm Monitoring, Optimized Maintenance Schedules, Demand-Response Analysis and Management, Peak Demand Management, Tariff Profile Analysis;

v. Third Party Reviews & Validations

Sustainable Technologies Reviews & Validations; Design & Build Solutions, Design & Construction peer review of drawings, specifications & BOQ, factory inspection, quality assurance & compliance as per IEC standards, third party testing & verification, post-project performance evaluation & assessment; Technologies: Displacement Ventilation, Stack effect – Natural Ventilation System; Earth Air Tunnel; Nocturnal Cooling or Night Sky Cooling; Radiant Cooling/Heating, Geothermal Heat Pumps; Passive Down Draft Evaporative Cooling; Chilled Beams and Chilled False Ceiling; Roof Pond Cooling System; Water Conservative Fittings; Root Zone Sewage Treatment System; Rain Water Harvesting and Shallow Aquifer Development; Grid Tie Solar PV for Buildings; Windmills; Solar Powered Air Conditioners, Heating and Cogeneration; Daylight Tube; Light Louvers; Efficient Light Fittings; Waste-to-Energy Conversion; Biomass Processing & Densification; Biomass Briquetting; Solar Thermal Systems; Solar PV Power Generation; Building Integrated Photovoltaic-Thermal (BIPV/T) Power Generation; Net-Zero/Low Energy Buildings;

vi. Laboratory Testing & Calibration

Assessment & Testing of Wellness Parameters (Air, Water, Light, Noise), Chemical/Restricted Substances Testing, Wireless/M2M Testing, Safety Testing, Material Testing, Grid Connection Testing, Reliability Testing, Energy Performance Testing, Environmental Performance Testing, EMC Testing, Thermal Performance, Laboratory & Field Testing (Building Materials), Research & Development (Building Science & Wellness Research, Smart Energy Meters, IEQ Sensors, Noise Monitoring & Control Instrumentation, Sustainable Technologies Research, Publications);

vii. Certifications & Accreditations

Marks & Labels, Energy Efficiency Verification; Combined marks for energy efficiency and certification; Field Certification & Field Evaluation Programs; Product Energy Performance; Energy Management & Performance (ISO 50001, ISO 14064);

viii. Modelling & Simulations

Built Environment, Thermal Modelling, Heat Transfer, Whole Building Energy Simulation, Climate & Passive Design Strategies Analysis, Building Façade & Glazing Optimization, Daylighting Analysis & Optimization, CFD, Natural Ventilation Analysis, Thermal Comfort Analysis, Human Noise Behavior;

ix. Education & Training Services

WBL will perform courses throughout the year on the various types of energy and environment performance methods; wellness assessment; sustainable technologies to educate and train students in energy management, sustainable technologies, processes, measurement techniques and equipment as well as qualification and certification programs.

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